Our first exploration...

We are currently exploring the country of Syria and the unrest there. For our first reflection prompt, students were asked: Should the United States get involved in Syria?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Syria Update, Jada and Suhmer

Syria Update Jada from Engaging Educators on Vimeo.

Here are some questions we still have about Syria!

Why won’t the people of Syria just give the children to the army?  

What is the reason for killing the people who are just walking on the sidewalk? They are innocent right?

Syria Update By Alexandria & Kaylen

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Questions We Have...

Alexandria's Question is "What is the exact number of people dying???"

I believe that about 20,000 people are dying.

Kaylen's Question is "What will happen to people that want to leave Syria??"

I believe that the governments will try to shoot them. That's what I think I don't thinks that's right.

Syria Updates By: Selena, Jenna, Shauntia, Danielle

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Here are some of are questions ?????

Why does the government like to hurt people?

Why does the government hurt people?

Why does the government burn down houses?

Why does a lot of people get abused in Syria?

Do you think the government in Syria is all that different from other governments around the world?  

How has the US treated various groups over the course of US history?

Would they try to kill people from syria if they try to leave?

How do they become army people?

Why do they try to abuse people?

Syria Update by Camya &Tamerica

things we have about syria

I think that people should not go to Syria because the army is killing people:Tamerica

I think the car bombing was hurtful to their family:Camya

i think that the people can just move when other people is sleep like the army. :Tamerica

i think that people would not go to syria if the new that they could not move. :Camya

Syria Update 3-23 Tamerica and Camya from Engaging Educators on Vimeo.

Syria Updates Jawan

Syria is having a tough time. fighting, murders everything the president of Syria sounds nice and innocent but they have tanks he can tell the army to get tanks the people cant just go to the army and say get the tanks out the president can afford it he is the president no problem for him they have to follow his rules he can get everything he knows about the murders that is going on in Syria why is he lying they are going to find out sooner or later then he is going to feel stupid.

Syria Updates Terrion,Armani

Syria Update--Terrion from Engaging Educators on Vimeo.

Here are some questions that we still have about Syria.

I think some of the army people with the president should trade him and go with the innocent people and try and make him stop doing them things.

What do you mean by “trade him”?

My question is why is he lying and killing people.

Why do you think he’s doing these things?  What is his objective?

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I think the Americans should not get involved in the fight in Syria because they  did nothing to us. 

Yes i think we should get involved with Syria because we would have some kind talk with the presidents
And they would have war and they would might forfeit.

Yes, I do think that Americans should get involved in Syria because that isn't right that they are getting killed that's what I think.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Syria Reflection by : Tamerica , Shauntia

Tamerica Says: No the us should not get involved in Syria because they might die and they can't hurt the president. I say that because more people will die and a lot of people died in Syria and no more need to. Another reason I say that is because the president is just going to say that he did not tell his people to kill the other people like he did before. My last reason I say that is because if they go there they will have to stay there and they can’t not leave because the president will kill them like hes doing the people that are there and he doesn’t need to kill them but he does. One more reason is that it is not like they are going to kill the president. Now you can see no the us should not get involved.

Should the u.s get involved with syria 

I say no the u.s should not get involved . Because then it could start a war between us. Or if some people say yes and some say no the it could set the people a part. Also they did not do any thing to us. Plus if one of are reporters go then for some reason they end up dead. 
- Shauntia
We could help from the side lines . If we get involved then it will not look pretty. Also they are killing kids and i am a kid that's not pretty.

So if we stay from the side lines know one really gets hurt from America. Another thing is if we go more people will get hurt. I don’t think any one wants even more people to get hurt. 


Syria Reflection #1 by: Suhmer and Jada

Should Americans go to Syria?

Suhmer: One reason I don’t think that the Americans should go to Syria because the Syrian people may end up coming here if we go there.

Jada: One reason I think we should go there is because they are doing something wrong and we need to help them. They need help, so lets help them.

Suhmer:A reason that I think Yes the Americans  should go to Syria because  then they can help stop this madness in Syria.

Jada: A reason I think we should NOT go is because we could get killed and our population would go down. Also we might start another war that we can’t finish or deal with right now.

Suhmer = Blue
Jada = Green

Syria Reflection #1 by Kayla, Kaylen, Alexandria

Should The U.S. Get Involved With

We think that the U.S. should get involved. The U.S should get Involved because we are all people and we help each other out. Every human is human so let's together help out.  And If they don’t the president will keep killing people. Bashar Al-Assad is a very bad person because he lies and kills people.

Syria Reflection #1 By: Selena and Camya

I think that they shouldn’t get involved. I say this because the President will kill them. I also say this because we didn’t do anything to them. Also if we go there we might get killed or  to get
hunt and abused. So that why you shouldn’t get involved.

- Camya

I think that they should not get involved. I say this because the president might give the order to kill the U.S people. I also say this because he did not do anything to us. Another reason is because when we go there we might get abused. As you can see we should not get involved.

- Selena

Syria Reflection #1 By Keturah & Danielle


Our Question: Should the US get involved?

Our Answer:
Yes,the US should get involved because...
It is world wide everybody knows so when people do bad things. Other people should try to help he is KILLING people and that is not right. I think everybody should go against the Syrian President. Then I think he will stop because on that interview. Bashar Al-assad said “I don’t know what you are talking I have not killed anyone” I said yea right. The Syrian President should be brought down he is A DIRTY LIAR and he is a MURDERER. So not just the US but everybody should go against him.
Bashar Al-assad
you are a BAD person.